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Solar Panel System Repair & Maintenance

At  MACK Solar, we understand that maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your solar panel system is essential for maximising its lifespan and energy production. Our comprehensive Repair and Maintenance services are tailored to ensure your solar investment continues to deliver optimal performance year after year.

Solar panels on new build houses
Growatt solar inverters

Inverter replacement

Inverter replacement – From the fault code on the inverter display we can often diagnose if the fault is a terminal inverter fault or if it is a wiring/panel fault. If we are unable to diagnose the fault remotely we will visit your property to carry out an inspection and tests to establish the fault. We are able to replace any make of inverter.

Seamless Solar Panel Removal and Refitting for New Roofs

At Mack Solar, our commitment to comprehensive service extends beyond solar panel installation. As a part of Mack Construction Ltd, our sister company, we offer an integrated solution that goes beyond traditional solar services.

Solar panels on roof in sheffield

Efficiency in Every Aspect:

Mack Solar collaborates seamlessly with our sister company, Mack Construction Ltd, enabling us to provide a holistic approach to your solar needs. When it comes to replacing your roof covering and ensuring the smooth removal and refitting of your solar panels, our integrated service ensures a hassle-free experience.

Why Choose Our Integrated Service?

  • Expert Coordination: Benefit from the synergy between Mack Solar and Mack Construction, ensuring a synchronized approach to your roofing and solar requirements.
  • Singular Accountability: Dealing with one comprehensive team eliminates confusion and ensures accountability throughout the process.
  • Seamless Project Management: Experience a smooth transition without the need for multiple contractors, saving you time and streamlining the project.

We also offer:

Generation meter replacement

Immerson Controller replacement

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