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Solar panels on a large modern house

Solar for New Build Houses

When it comes to incorporating solar panels into new build properties, partnering with our expert installation team is a choice that offers unparalleled advantages. We understand the intricacies of construction phases and seamlessly integrate solar solutions from the ground up.

By choosing us, builders can ensure a hassle-free transition towards sustainable and energy-efficient homes. Our extensive experience in solar panel installations for new constructions not only guarantees a high-quality system but also maximizes the long-term benefits for homeowners. From design to final connection, our team works hand in hand with builders, ensuring that the solar panel system complements the property’s aesthetics, increases its value, and minimizes energy costs from day one.

We are Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) registered subcontractors We can provide advice to self builders

Efficiency and precision are the cornerstones of our solar panel installation services for new build properties. Builders can rely on our expertise to streamline the construction process and deliver projects on time and within budget. By integrating solar panels during the construction phase, we eliminate the need for costly retrofitting later on. This approach not only reduces construction timelines but also positions the property as a green and sustainable investment, meeting the growing demand for eco-friendly homes. Additionally, our commitment to using the latest technology and high-quality materials ensures that the solar panel system seamlessly integrates with the overall design and functions flawlessly, enhancing the property’s appeal and long-term value. Choosing us as your solar installation partner means delivering innovative, future-ready homes that stand out in the market and benefit both builders and homeowners for years to come.
  • Achieve required SAP ratings for new build properties
  • Installed at construction phase rather than retro fit.
  • Roof integrated system enhances the appearance of the new property.
  • 0% VAT on new build
  • Increase the marketability of the property.
  • Demonstrate your green credentials
  • Take advantage of Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) export tariffs.
  • Reduce carbon emissions for a healthier environment.
  • Raise your awareness of your building’s existing energy efficiency rating.
  • Raise your profile by demonstrating your green credentials
  • Capital investment can be tax deductible via the HMRC Annual Investment Fund (we recommend you speak to your accountant)
  • Virtually maintenance free.
Solar panels Sheffield fitted to an office roof

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