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Why choose Mack Solar?

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Dear Client


When considering Solar Panels there will be a mountain of unfamiliar information for you to digest which can often send a sane person round the twist. Probably the most important decision is choosing a trustworthy installer to recommend products and design & install a system that is most suitable for your needs.  Therefore, we would like to tell you why you should choose MACK SOLAR.

Reasons to choose Mack Solar?

1. We are a local reliable & reputable business. We have been trading as a construction business for over 20 years. Our solar teams are part of our construction business – Some “specialist” solar companies have been set up recently to capitalise on the solar boom. When the work has dropped off they have ceased to trade and their owners have gone back to general electrical works – There goes the warranty!


2. Our business is TRUSTMARK approved (Mack Construction & Solar)


3. We only use top quality products. We have researched each product we recommend and only select reliable products.


4. Using a bespoke spreadsheet we will help you monitor your system to ensure it performs as expected - FOR FREE


5. We provide an insurance backed 10 year installation guarantee.


6. We are MCS accredited Solar PV installers (required to claim Feed In Tariff)


7. We will complete all your Feed In Tariff Paperwork for a hassle free application.


8. We are fully qualified builders as well as solar installers  - We know what is required to keep the installation attached to your roof and keep your roof watertight