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Excellent Company, well organised, clean and tidy, very efficient. Worked to the timetable, definitely recommend. Helped in the completion of all the paperwork to completion.

My thanks to Mack Solar for doing an excellent job. Every effort was made to ensure that we had the best possible system to maximise the benefits of the installation. The team are friendly and carried out the work in an efficient manner. We were also helped through the registration processes (a big help). All in all a brilliant firm to deal with, would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

Now you've read about how great our work is, please don't hesitate to call on 07921 162 487

Great company to deal with. Very helpful and made a huge effort to ensure that I was happy with the design and specification, and also that I fully understood the costs over the lifespan of the installation. When they came to do the work, they were well organized, clean and tidy. Our installation has since been inspected by an independent specialist and he commented that it is one of the most professional installations he has seen. I have recommended Mack Solar to my friends.

4Kw PV Installation - Yorkie_ (04/01/2012)

4Kw PV Installation - Nigel R Hale & Associates_ (Feb 2012)

3.36KW SYSTEM High Green - Gerty6070 (18/02/2012)

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